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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lyrical Avoidance AKA "Watch The Throne"

They don’t respond because people will listen carefully to see if they respond. This exposes them to the music, holds their attention long enough for them to process and store the music and sets the stage for strategically placed advertisements. It also takes advantage of vulnerable audiences with dopamine driven tension built up in hopes of getting an exclusive or first to know sensation from their fantasy of believing that they are important and powerful enough to be next to hype driven popularity. They develop a thirst for being in the right place at the right time usually with “creditable sources” serving as their guide. In the end it’s all about dopamine and releasing pinned up emotions. On the flip side the artist feeds off the energy because it helps them escape from the pressure of feeling a certain type of way, and it’s the main source of motivation for them to continue. Using human emotions to capitalize and make a profit off of a non-profit budget. Is this a brilliant or very basic strategy that updates itself with the times? - Dr. #OneTwitaQuita

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