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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I’m facing the same socially inflicted pressure and obstacles in 2012 as musicians in the classical era. It only makes me wonder, is it a coincidence or are certain people conditioned to condition artist this way for what results from past experiments have shown. This analysis leads me to my next thought of why I am at peace with not operating at maximum potential for a constructive matter in mass quantities. The thought of knowing that it’s going to the grave with me is an honor and I find peace in my life being this way. The sensation of beautiful music coming and going from the brain through the heart without being translated or shared with vultures is greater than the sensation of victory and the human taught version of success. I believe greatness has come and gone without being exposed or documented so many times that it exceeds what humans claim we know and understand to the trillionth power.

Ronald R. Kilbert

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