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Monday, July 7, 2014

805 Skitzo Productions: Lyrical Avoidance AKA "Watch The Throne"

805 Skitzo Productions: Lyrical Avoidance AKA "Watch The Throne": They don’t respond because people will listen carefully to see if they respond. This exposes them to the music, holds their attention long ...


  1. That is perfect, keep giving them something to think about Ron.

  2. Hey Ron, I wish I had the movie clip to that hip hop rap battle you had with your Dad years agao. Was just kind of thinking how it would have been , way back those years as a growing Ron...but now...you are the BIG RON.....there is no doubt about that.

    1. Lmao I got teary-eyed laughing so hard right now thinking about that day, 20 years ago whoa how time flies. Good looking out though big tyme.


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