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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ron-Loc "Skitzo Status" Lyrics

Ron-Loc “Skitzo Status” Lyrics

I’m Ron Loc by way of bad a$$ Oxnard
Die for I let another men pull my cord
Ni**as think its all talk till I push up on em
First I dare a mutha funk a rap back then dome em
Lyrically with the squabbles I be on my job
Hysterically how I laugh at ni**as chasing the squad
Album cover for my mobile app called iRap
Grown maggots in a spider web how I trap
Shitted on the top rappers don’t feel they spit
No nuts no respond fuc* it no mo diss
New hardware update the way I bang
Demonstrate the perfectly orchestrates way I slang
That new west rap perspective in the ears of the streets
Ski mask a white sheet sawed off where you see
Eyes mixed with ya brain thin air through skull
Top of ya spinal cord smoking like the barrel that’s war

Tall dark and gangsta night sky and stars
Represent the way I be smashing as I snipe with the bars
Nigha money power and fame caint touch my skills
It’s an equator size line between the wac* and the real
Bitcj I’m musically inclined not trying to be famous
Lyrical head shot empty stomach and brain through anus
Painted hay nest descriptions through the early days of my rhymes
Got on the grind ni**as hated me like a swazstika sign
My project defined a state of mind from walking through flame
My work ethic is a reflection of releasing the same
Energy I was holding in
From questions that the cheating muthafuc*s seem to go a hundred years without answering
I spent like seven years straight working for people that doctors diagnosed certified skitzofrantics
Ex addicts and some just born that way
It’s a meaning for every letter times the words I say

You ever think about what’s going through the mind that’s on medication body sitting in the corner shaking
Eye balls glued to the back of they head
Wishing a mutha funk a would not write they chec*

I’m a set the trap
y’all niggas watch and don’t say shyt
First ni**a inhale first ni**a get hit
I hate these rap ni**as no bullshit
Watch I’m a reel em in ni**a just don’t miss

I want to detox of medication
Just as soon as I get off probation
I’m a go in a million dollar vacation
And starve every muthafuc*a thinking I’m faking

By Ronald R. Kilbert

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